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Satellite data

Satellite data

The field of remote sensing is complex, international, and constantly changing. PRS is here to help you sort through the complexity of dealing with data providers from around the world. In addition to our data analysis servicesPRS acts as a reseller of remotely sensed data from around the world.

Our role as data reseller is to:

  • act as an intermediary between your staff and data providers, saving your organization time and money on every transaction
  • negotiate pricing with vendors and deal with issues such as international exchange rates, lowering financial risk and, once again, saving you time and money
  • understand technical details such as the spectral, spatial and temporal resolution of RS data, ensuring you are sourcing the right data for your project

We currently offer RS data from Charming Globe (China), SI Imaging Services (SiiS South Korea), Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS Space Technologies), Spacewill (China) and are in the process of negotiating agreements with additional vendors.

Our geospatial experts are available to assist you in determining which vendors and products are most suitable to meet your project's goals, as economically as possible while still meeting your technical requirements.

Please see the links below and contact us when you are ready to place an order. 



Data Providers


KOMPSAT-2: Optical (RGB) PAN (1 m) MS (4 m)

KOMPSAT-3: Optical (RGB) PAN (0.5 m) MS (2 m)

KOPMSAT-3A: Optical (RGB) PAN (0.4 m) MS (1.6 m)

KOMPSAT-5: SAR (VV, HH, VH, HV) Resolution (4.82 m) Revisit (28 days)



SuperView-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (0.5 m) Revisit (2 days)

GF-2: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (0.8 m / 3.2 m) Revisit (5 days)

GF-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (2 m/8 m) Revisit (4 days)

ZY-3: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (2.1 m / 3.6 m / 5.8 m) Revisit (5 days)

HJ-1A&B: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (30 m) Revisit (4 days)







Jilin-1: Optical (RGB) PAN (0.72 m) MS (2.88 m) Revisit (3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Smart Video01/02, Resolution (1.13 m) Revisit (3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Stereo Imaging, Resolution (4.7 m) Revisit (3.3 days)

Jilin-1: Smart Video03, Resolution (0.92 m)

Jilin-1: Video04/05/06/07/08, Resolution (1 m) Color

Jilin-1: Full Range Spectrum01/02, (20 MS-NIR Bands 4 SW, NW, LW) Resolution (5 m) Revisit (2-3 days)

Jilin1: GF 03A, Optical (RGB) PAN(1.06 m) MS (4.24 m)



KazEOSat-1: Optical (RGB-NIR) PAN (1 m) MS (4 m) Revisit (2-3 days)

KazEOSat-2: Optical (RGB-NIR) Resolution (6.5 m) Revisit (3 days)